Published On: Wed, Jun 1st, 2016

Chitai Golu Devata : The Lord Of Justice

Golu Devta is one of the historical lord of Kumaun Region. The  temple of Golu devta is 10 km far from Almora City.

Golu Devta is also known as “Gaur Bhairava”. He was the son of Brave Katyuri king Jhalaray  and queen Kalidra. the origin of this story is basically Champawata district of Uttarakhand. After his father’s death he became the king of champawata and kaali kaumaun.




He was very popular in his kingdom . People called him the “King of Justice”. He died in a war against his enemy. After his death he is established as a “Lord of justice”.


People started worship him as a symbol of justice. Till now king Golu devta is giving his justice to people.


The interesting thing of this temple is people writes an application to Lord Golu and Lord golu also give response to people by giving a natural way of justice. All people get justice here, it needs only a true call to Lord from your heart. After completing their wish or case people gives a bell to temple. You can see a bulk queue of bells here. Golu  devta is famous in kumaun as well as in Garhwal also . In garhwal Golu Devta is known as “Goril Devta”. They prople worship Golu Devta Also.

6505675459_e4c1225dd2_b 16.Golu Devta temple_Chitai_inside the temple

Here people comes in bulk in the both “Navratri”. ” Chaitra Navratri” and “Sharad Navrati” as well. Some people comes here for their justice and some peoples comes here for celebrate their wish fulfillment . Here you can see a wide range of bell dedicated by peoples. These bells are uncountable .


This shows the faith of people in Lord Golu. Another side you can see a wide range of application dedicated to Lord Golu. This is faith and Hope on Lord that He will definitely read your application and will give you justice surely. This is the specialty of this place. The beautiful location of this place will surely attract you. This place comes under the lower Himalayan Range and location of forest will provide you feeling of peace . Rest of the temple you can also take the  enjoy slow driving or walking with family in the lap of nature . Many people felt very relax and energetic here.

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