Published On: Wed, Jun 8th, 2016

Harela – Beautiful folk festival of Kumaun

Harela Is a festival of kumaun.The culture and tradition of Uttarakhand is endless. Here are too many reason to celebrate the  life by festival. here too many foods to enjoy taste of life. Harela is a beautiful festival of human society that connects people socially and dedicated to new crop. Harela is celebrated thrice in a year. This is also related to agricultural and crop. Harela is a mixture of  different type of food crop. It is inseminate in a small pot before ten days of cutting the crop. After ten days the crop is ready to harvest. This new crop is committed first to Lord. Afterthat this crop is dedicated to other family member . Specially children enjoyed this festival more. this is whishes today that everybody may live long in in our family. An ancient myth behind this festival is celebrated as a day of  marriage of Lord “Shiva ” and Goddess “Parvati”. By celebrating this people wants their life will fill with joy , happiness, wealth and peace.


  • Harela is first celebrated in first in year that is “Chaitra Navratri”. It is inseminate on first Navratri and Harvested on Last Navratri.


  • Harela is second celebrated in year that is “Sharad navratri”. It is inseminate on first Navratri and Harvested on Last Navratri.


  • Harela is third celebrated in year in “Ashwin month”. Ashwin is a hindu month.


After that people makes different types of tasty local food and eats together. Children takes enjoy og different tasty foods.

Harela is also celebrated as a festival of Plantation . By celebrating this people learn how can we save and protect our environment . This is a big message of this festival. It makes people aware to their environment.

Harela always gives us information about new season . This festival is celebrated in three major season are- Summer, Rain and Winter. This is a human nature to that find any of the reason to celebrate and enjoy their lives. And this is the actual beauty of life.


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