Published On: Mon, May 30th, 2016

Kumauni Folk Dance “Jhora”

Monday 30 May 2016. Kumauni folk dance jhora is a group of dancing people in a circle that holds hands of each other and dance in a musical tone. The singer sings the song with the help of instrument “Hudaka” and stay in the middle of circle.People celebrate their feeling and emotion of love by this dance. In old days these are the causes to celebrate human lives and that time people stay connected socially. Its a good thing to meet people by express your feeling by dance.




People celebrate their feeling by this type of dance. This is a dance to express your feeling by this. This dance shows the different colors of kumauni culture. The traditional folk dance is from very old time and have an ancient kumauni culture. Generally this type of dance performs when daughter comes in home from her husbands home and when  there is a festival and when their is any ceemony celebrated in home.


This type of dance represents the welcome of monsoon and new crop in Kumaun area. This dance provide full entertainment and a cultural importance. the ancient Kumauni tradition an folk dances was very developed , and people have time to celebrate their life. This type of folk dances is  center of attraction in any festivals or any ceremony.


This type of folk dance are our ancient culture and we have to care for it. It shows different colors of our Kumauni culture. Nowadays people of new generation are not so interested in these folk song and dances. Youngsters have to feel and take their responsibility to save this ancient traditional folk dances. Nowadays people celebrate this dance only in any ceremony or any function of their home . The trande of this type of folk song and dances become decreases.

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